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At PRformance, our mission is straightforward: we provide our athletes with the highest quality training program, and more importantly, the personal attention to detail required to maximize the results of training.

            Drawing from years of knowledge and experience, we provide you with a scientifically sound and field-tested training plan. By using the latest training information available, as well as tried and trued training methods, we offer a personalized plan that will yield improvement. That being said, there are many coaches that can give you that very same guidance. For us, however, training an athlete requires attention on two fronts, not just one.

            Besides providing a well-structured plan, we realize there is a unique person completing every workout we write. Coaching a triathlete is not the same as simply applying training principles to a schedule and watching the progress unfold. In fact, it’s far from it. The human aspect of training is perhaps the most critical component to take into account when the goal is to maximize performance. Each person is unique, and a coach must be aware that training given to one athlete won’t always be the best plan for another athlete. The many aspects of ‘non-training’ life (work, school, kids, commuting, travel, relationships, etc) impact the quality of workouts and recovery. For this reason, we emphasize getting to know each athlete as a unique individual, not just another triathlete. We take care to create a training plan that best suits your individual needs. This is where many coaches fall short.

            By creating a true, personal-level understanding of who our athletes are, we are able to better understand how the training we give you will affect your body and mind. And in the end, this leads to the greatest improvement.


Robbie's Story

Robbie has been racing and studying triathlon for over a decade. Gaining interest in triathlon and endurance sports at a young age allowed him to learn from some of the world's best coaches, as well as let him develop into a professional triathlete. Having started triathlon with draft-legal racing,  Robbie now races the Olympic and Half Ironman distances, with the overall goal of being a contender at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Robbie loves the coaching process and enjoys nothing more than sharing his passion and knowledge for the sport. 


Olympia's Story

Coach Olympia von Berg grew up in a triathlon family, taking several trips to Kona, Hawaii to watch her dad compete as a top age-grouper and former pro. Even though Olympia was exposed to triathlon at an early age, it took her a number of years to embrace the sport. She struggled with her weight and aspirations and finally decided to take up the sport herself in 2017. She is now an IRONMAN Certified Coach and turned Pro at the end of 2019. She placed 4th in her first pro race. Prior to that, she had been a successful age grouper winning her age group at multiple races and qualifying for the World Championships twice. She now works with a world class coach and has learned a lot about the coaching process. Olympia is a friendly, motivated, and supportive coach, working with athletes of all levels and ages. If you’re just getting started in triathlon, running, cycling, or swimming, Olympia is here to help you succeed!






  • Detailed, personalized workouts uploaded electronically to Training Peaks, taking into account your individual schedule. Training is uploaded weekly and can be modified daily based on scheduling conflicts and training needs

  • Full access to your coach via phone/text/email 

  • Detailed explanation of training principles to help athlete completely understand the processes driving the workouts

  • Strength and auxiliary workouts explained in full with video demonstration and written explanation

  • Option for coach to accompany you to major races for on-site assistance and hands-on coaching

  • Team gear 

  • Organized training sessions with coaches if you’re visiting Boulder, CO




  • Personalized workouts uploaded electronically each week to Training Peaks taking into account your
    individual schedule

  • Weekly phone call to cover past and upcoming week of training

  • Option for coach to accompany you to major races for on-site assistance and hands-on coaching

  • Team gear

  • Organized training sessions with coaches if you’re visiting Boulder, CO




  • Individualized monthly training plan (emailed or uploaded electronically to Training Peaks) designed to fit your personal schedule

  • Initial and monthly phone call with your coach to cover goal setting and training questions

  • Organized training sessions with coaches if you’re visiting Boulder, CO

  • Team gear 


Full Race Plan


  • Individualized, periodized training plan covering every day leading up to your race. Plan is emailed or uploaded electronically to Training Peaks

  • Initial phone call with your coach to cover goal setting, training plan, and any questions you may have 


What Our Athletes Say


Maureen Gonzalez

First Triathlon at the age of 57!

I decided in January of 2019 to race in my 1st triathlon at the age of 57. I began my training with the help of Olympia von Berg. She stretched me to a level of fitness I never thought was possible. She gave me direction, motivation and helped me reach my goals.


She gave me a plan and found a way each week to encourage and inspire me to believe I could reach it. I had several injuries during my training and Olympia made sure I got the right help from doctors and helped me research the best solutions. 


She communicated with me several times a week, checking that I was comfortable with my training and tweaking when needed. She was always available for me. Not only did she help me become physically ready for my race, but, equally important, she used mental skills training to help me develop mental toughness that contributed to my success as a triathlete.


Olympia led me with great enthusiasm, and most importantly led by example, as all great coaches do. She is a triathlete herself and soon, I am sure, will be on the pro circuit.


Olympia said to me the 1st time we worked together that at the end of my first triathlon, she’d hope I would say “when’s the next race?” and to have a fun. I had a lot of fun and…….Olympia, when’s the next race? I’m ready!!!

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