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At PRformance, our mission is straightforward: to provide our athletes with the service and resources they need to both succeed and enjoy their sport.


Using science and years of experience as our compass, we take a holistic approach to coaching. Beyond a sound training plan, our coaches offer the attention to personal detail required to maximize each athlete's training. We understand that every athlete is unique and that there is no "one size fits all" approach to a successful training regimen. This comprehensive method allows us to maximize both your time and performance.


Whether you’re aiming to race professionally, complete your first triathlon, or anything in between, we promise to provide you with the personalized coaching you need to reach those goals.



Robbie has been racing and studying triathlon for over a decade. Gaining interest in triathlon and endurance sports at a young age, he has worked with and learned from some of the best coaches in the world. Combining his studies, what he has gleaned from experts, and his personal experience from both coaching and racing professionally, he is well equipped to help athletes of all levels reach their potential. 


Beyond coaching, Robbie is continuing to pursue a career at the professional level. He is ranked in the top 100 in the world, has placed on many podiums across the Olympic and Half distances, and has the life goal of placing top 10 at the Ironman World Championships. 



Olympia grew up in a triathlon family, taking several trips to Kona to watch her dad compete as a top age-grouper and former pro. Even though Olympia was involved in triathlon at an early age, it took her a number of years to embrace the sport. After struggling with her weight throughout college, Olympia decided to seriously take up triathlon in 2017. In 2019, after 2 years of dedication to the sport, she earned her license as an IRONMAN Certified Coach. Olympia is a friendly, motivating, and supportive coach, working with athletes of all levels and ages.

Beyond being a dedicated coach, Olympia now races as a professional. After placing on the top of many age-group podiums in her first two years racing, she placed 4th in her first race as a professional and is now working towards bigger things in the future!





Premium Coaching

The Premium Coaching plan is for those dedicated athletes seeking higher performance. With a mindset focused on improvement and performance, athletes who choose the Premium plan will have access to all the coaching services and tools necessary for success. 

What’s Included:

  • Initial consultation, review of past training, goal setting

  • Season planning

  • Detailed workouts uploaded weekly or daily (swim, bike, run, strength)

  • Explanation of workouts/training principles

  • Daily communication with coach via text/phone/email (if desired)

  • Consultation on everything triathlon related: equipment, nutrition, bike position, technique analysis, recovery, etc

  • Discount on Coaching Camp

  • Price: $275/month


Beginner Coaching

Our Beginner Coaching Plan sits on the same foundations of our premium coaching: quality and passion. However, this plan is tailored to those who are newer to the sport. We will help guide you into the amazing world of endurance sports and be there for you every step. We were once new to the sport ourselves and understand how daunting it can be. However, with the right guidance and work ethic, any goal is within reach.

What’s Included:

  • Initial consultation, review of past training, goal setting

  • Season/Race planning

  • Detailed workouts uploaded each week (swim, bike, run, strength)

  • Explanation of workouts

  • Once weekly phone call to go over training and goals

  • Help with gear choice, nutrition, race day logistics, and anything else you will need for a successful race

  • Discount on Coaching Camp

  • Price: $150/month


Thanks to its location, altitude, and on-site facilities, the PRformance home (The Woof Ranch) is an ideal location for coaching and training. If you are an age grouper in search of hands-on swim/bike/run coaching, we offer an all inclusive coaching camp that will provide you with the knowledge and coaching advice you need to succeed. If you are a professional athlete or team looking for a hassle free, ready-to-go altitude camp, look no further than The Woof Ranch. Let us do the dirty work so you can focus solely on quality training and recovery.

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Training Camps

Coaching Camp

​What's Included:

  • Swim analysis in endless pool

  • Open water swim session in beautiful Hahns Peak Lake

  • Bike fit analysis to optimize power, aerodynamics and comfort

  • Run gait analysis + introduction to run drills

  • Introduction to strength training for endurance athletes

  • Nutritional advice for performance, health, and race day​

  • Private bedroom with private bathroom, living area, mini fridge, toaster oven, and coffee maker

  • Hot tub available for R&R

  • Meals included upon request​​

  • PRformance flat brim/trucker hat

Contact us for pricing and availability


Training Camp

Amenities Include:

  •  Altitude of 7,950ft (2,423m); quickly reach lower altitude of 6,500ft (1,980m) for harder sessions​

  • Beautiful open water swimming within 10 min of home (Hanhs Peak Lake, Steamboat Lake)

  • On-site Endless Pool ​

  • Endless cycling options directly from home (TT, road, gravel, or MTB) 

  • Immaculate running options (road, hard or soft dirt, crushed gravel, single track, 400m track in SBT)

  • Treadmill on-site

  • Strength equipment on-site

  • Bike trainers on-site

  • Access to local knowledge of swim/bike/run routes

  • Access to hot tub for relaxation and heat training

  • Private bedroom(s) with private bathroom(s) and living area

  • Personal mini-fridge, coffee maker, toaster oven, with access to main kitchen upon request​

Contact us for pricing and availability


What Our Athletes Say



First Triathlon at the age of 57!

Working with Robbie has provided me structure with my training and has helped keep me more motivated to train and race.  He is always able to work with me and my work and travel schedule so I can keep training while on the road.  He is easy to get in touch with to help answer any questions about workouts or any other questions I might have.  Over my two years working with Robbie I have seen improvements in all three areas and have been able to bring down my race times. 

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