Catching up with 70.3 European Champion Rudy von Berg

How did you get into triathlon?

My dad was doing it and brought us to Kona Hawaii for the World Championship

race and that really sparked my interest. I was 5 years old the first time went. I

started racing as soon as my age allowed it around 10, maybe, and it snowballed

since then for as long as I can remember!


What advice would you give to someone newer to triathlon? Swim training, bike

training, run training, general principles, etc.

The main advice I would have is to really enjoy the process of training for an event.

Keep it fun and motivating because that's the core of it. Go to Masters swim (group

swims), ride with friends or groups and run where you can enjoy your surroundings

as much as you can. Once you have the passion for what you do, it will all get easier

and more enjoyable and you'll get fitter and faster!

How important is having a coach for triathlon? What do you look for in a coach?

I think it's very important to get some guidance so you can maximize the time you

have for training, avoid injury, and not make stupid mistakes in your races. For me

as a Professional, I look at the credentials of the coach, who has he coached, who

does he coach and what kind of athlete was he. Communication is very important

and the athlete needs to know what he is doing and why he is doing it. However, I

have discovered that with any coach, there is a big part of self-responsibility. Your

coach can't do everything for you. For example, what you do before and after

workouts, and how your mindset is during workouts. You need to maximize those

moments and only you can do that.


Do you have a few tips for managing work/school, family life, social life, and training?

You just need to stay organized and on top of your goals. To have clear goals, and

never lose sight of them is the most important thing. It is so easy to bail on

something in the moment if you're not feeling it. But think about your goals and

dreams. You certainly can't let them down. 


Do you follow any particular diet? Why?

I try to eat healthy, overall, but I don't follow any diet in particular. I believe in

eating a bit of everything so you don't miss out on any key nutrient. I keep my

weight pretty stable all year, so I don't have to fluctuate up and down, which can

wear your body down. 


What are a few of your favorite workouts to do over the three disciplines?

Swim: A solid, straightforward, 4-5km set such as 6x400 or 20x100

Bike: 4hr steady long ride in the mountains

Run: 1hour45min long run or 16km Fartlek (speed workout)


Do you incorporate any strength training between your swim/bike/run training?

Yes, I think it's important to work on your strength, mobility and activation of

certain important muscles to avoid injury and stay strong, not only throughout a

race season, but also throughout a race, and not fall apart during the half



Give us a few of your favorite races, both in the U.S. and Internationally.

In the US, the St Anthony's Olympic distance is a classic and flawlessly organized

race. I also love the Wildflower Experience. It represents all that triathlon is about:

community, "raw" racing, Pro fields, a festival like atmosphere, and a big family. 

My favorite races outside the US include Elsinore 70.3 in Denmark and 70.3 Nice in

South of France for its spectacular bike course. 

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